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TheHockeyPro is the platform for:
Powerful video analysis
Live stat tracking
Easy analytics

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"The best coaching software I've used, period."

Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL

Precise video filtering

Our video program works in unison with our stats tracker. Any play you mark or detail you add can grabbed from a whole season of video: players, plays, shifts, special teams, & more.


Playlist sharing

Add your favourite clips to playlists that you can easily share with your players and supporters.

Unlimited storage

Game video? Practice video? Scouting video? Training video? As long as its yours and relevant to your team you can store as much of it as you want with us.

Watch from anywhere

With your video on the cloud you can access it from anywhere with a connection, and from any device: Mac, PC, iOS, Android – we support them all.

Offline functionality

No connection? As long as you've got a copy of your video file, THP will work just the same.

User-friendly design

THP's easy-to-user interface works just as well on a mobile phone as it does on a laptop.

Customizable play tracking

Make THP your own. Create your own event types & button layouts to track only the stats you need.


Make THP your own. Create your own event types & button layouts to track only the stats you need.

In-depth, customizable play detail

Make THP your own. Create your own event types & button layouts to track only the stats you need.

Multi-tracker support:
no limitations

Need a lot of data? Get all hands on deck to combine, expand, and share data collection.

Offline functionality

No service at the rink? THP will automatically compile offline data from multiple sources.

Live scoring

Custom season, player, & game reports

Advanced stats

Automatic stat calculation

Heatmaps & scoring zones

Special teams stats

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